Mary Peter Dirt Jumps ready to ride

Good news time. Mary peters is pretty much ridable. We had a chat with Gavin and Glyn and they told us to come have a ride of the new jumps to see how they rode and to pack in the berms and rollers at the same time. My brother and I met up with Ali, we threw the Nukeproof Soulm and the bmx in the car and went over nice and early. They are gonna take a while to pack in nice and hard and will require everyone o maintain them as we ride them. There is a pretty loose top layer of dirt on the surface, so just watch that front tyre doesn’t wash out on some of the berms. But the good news is, you can ride them. the lines on the right are all pretty much ok to ride, the bigger sets and the doubles are going to take a bit of work to finish off a few things before they are completely finished, but when you see the size of them you’ll probably agree with me that you don’t mind waiting a bit. But the big step ups seem to be ready to go too. They all ride pretty well, they are bumpy at first but you soon get used to it, the main thing is they are fast. If you rode the original set up a few years back you’ll know what I’m talking about. Ali was riding pretty well, hitting the bigger lines on the Solum 26” then on the bmx to prove it can be done and as usual he made it look easy. The Nukeproof solum is definitely at home in these jumps, it was the first time I’ve had a chance to jump it on dirt and it rode great. I wasn’t doing anything special, but Ali was getting the backend out over some of the bigger sets and moving it through the air like a bmx. So… take a trip down and check it out, take your bike, have a session, but remember to show respect for the hard work thats gone into it, take your litter home with you, watch out for other riders and if you scrub a landing, fix it up again. Happing riding everyone, see you on the trails

Sunday morning, nice and early, morning sunshine, peace and quiet and best of all empty trails…
Mary Peters have been reborn with the help of Mountainbike NI and the vision of Glyn O’Brien and Gavin Snowden. We’ve been watching the development and we got the word to coem down and ride.
My brother and I met up with Ali, we threw the Nukeproof Soulm and the bmx in the car and went over to Mary Peters to try out our new dirt playground. The solum was great and this was the first opportunity we had had to ride trails on it, it did not disappoint. This was one of the first sessions at mary peters, it was fun, chilled out and interesting, the lips and landings were still a bit soft, the berms had some loose dirt making them pretty slippery and our riding was a bit ropey as we familiarised ourselves with the set up, but overall the trails are great fun.

Riders: Ali Beckett and Joe Osborne
Filmed and edited by Dillon Osborne
Music: G.Love & Special Sauce - Ain’t that right

Thanks to everyone involved in creating s gonna provide us with some great dirt action over summer and the years to come. Check out some photos from the session on the shoveit facebook page.

The charts were showing big swell hitting the north coast of Ireland this weekend so I took a trip up on sunday the 30th dec to take a few shots. Portballintrae was huge, whiterocks was a mess, but East Strand handled the big swell rather well and produced some really nice waves if you had the balls to paddle in. Click for more photos

This is a short surfing edit from Sunday 2 December 2012, filmed at Whiterocks and West Strand in Portrush on the north coast of Ireland. I was out testing a few things on a reccie shoot for an up and coming edit that I am working on so I put this edit together so that the footage didn’t go to waste.

Had a decent surf up at East Strand on the north Coast of Ireland yesterday sat 3 nov 2012 Report looked good and a nice off shore wind all day sealed the deal, so I took drive up with Ali and Chris for a session. Click the image to see the rest of the photos.

So way back before I established Shoveit, we used to mess about making videos of our bmx antics under the name of Unofficial BMX.

This was back when long vhs tapes with loads of full rider sections were the big craze, before quick web edits.

I had a fisheye lens duck taped to the end of my Sony Hi8 camcorder and I used to film, edit and burn these onto VHS tapes and send them Round to people. It was time consuming, but it was a good laugh. This is part 1 of the “unofficial Team Video”… however I have no idea where part 2 is. But I will keep looking.

This features early riding from John Mcvea, Alastair Beckett and myself. as well as intro’s to the rest of the “Unofficial team” lol

Additional filming from John McVea, Ali Beckett, Peter Dempster and Ben Reid.

A Short film on some 24” NS Holy’s, these bikes are great fun for cruising about on, so my brother and I just went for a blast down into bangor for a coke and filmed it along the way.

Music by the Ozark Mountain daredevils

Glyn O’Brien played host to one of his pump track parties so we took the Nukeproof solums down for a blast with the boys. It was great fun and everyone had a good laugh as we ran round the house, did a few laps of the pump track and then displayed our awful basketball skills with the clock ticking until we eventually got a basket. It was a great day to kick back, ride our bikes and have a laugh so thanks for having us Glyn it was a blast. enjoy the edit.

filmed and edited by dillon osborne, with additional filming by Ali beckett.

Glyn O’Brien played host to one of his pump track parties so we took the Nukeproof solums down for a blast with the boys. They went down well, everyone had a blast on them and seemed to enjoy the set up. Glyns pump track is unreal. It’s smooth, fast and flowy and just non stop fun. What a day, great weather, great company and a load of bike riding. Glyn kicked off the session and then the competitions started, individual sprints round the track, team races, including running laps of the house, shooting hoops and press ups all powered up with burgers and hotdogs. Thanks for having us Glyn it was a blast. Click the image above to see all the photos.

The Nukeproof Solum Prototype frame…..

I’ve been swapping some ideas with one of the industrial designers at Nukeproof for a new 26” jump bike angle, features and geometry influenced from bmx. The guys and Nukeproof have mixed these ideas with their knowledge of the mtb industry to come up with what I can only describe as the most fun bike I’ve ever ridden.

This model was designed around 100mm forks featuring a short back end and a 22” top tube and will be available in 2 frame sizes (TBA) It’s really light and the low BB and short wheelbase allows you a bit more comfort round corners.

The guys at Nukeproof with hooked me up with one of the prototypes to try out and I’m really enjoying it. It’s great on the ramps It’s great on the quarter pipes and concrete bowls and it is really responsive for just blasting about the town.

The bike is in production stages and should be released at Eurobike in Germany in September.

-  Custom Double Butted Steel frame
-  Gold Anodized Alloy chain tension adjusters
-   Integrated Gold alloy seat clamp
-   44mm Head (suitable for new Cane Creek Hydro compatible cup – still in development)
-   Removable cable guides

I had a great time filming this edit and just cruising around.

music: The Glitch Mob

for more info on Nukeproof and their range of products  visit

GEARED UP - OUT NOW following he success of its world premiere in Belfast.

Watch it now:

Geared up is a bicycle documentary that follows two athletes who live, eat and breathe their sport, showing the training and preparation they go through for their competitive season and how they bring their knowledge and passion about bikes to work every day.

Starring Michael Cowan (MTB) and Peter Hollinger (BMX) both working at Chain Reaction Cycles, the film shows the subjects training and riding their bikes around the beautiful scenery and landmarks of Northern Ireland. It shows how being passionate about something and working tirelessly towards a goal; can help you achieve your dream job and reach your goals as an athlete. 

The film was created, filmed, edited and produced by local designer and videographer Damien Gallagher from

I was invited to the premier in belfast, check out the photos not eh shoves FB page:

For more info visit

I got a phone call from Nukeproof product designer who told me he had the new prototype dirt jump frame and wanted to take it for a test ride at Bridges skatepark in Belfast to see how it handled, how could I say no.

Nukeproof wanted to create something that both MTB riders and BMX riders would like. I love my bmx but if I don’t ride it every day I start to get a bit stiff in the lower back and I struggle to get back into the flow of things, so this bike was a welcomed treat.

Look at it and you see a mountain bike, hop on it and you notice the difference. It offers the room up front, allowing for knee clearance and making it feel a little more comfortable , but the back end is short and I thought that the wheelbase sits comfortably low. I’ve always been sceptical about a MTB in a park, but once riding this, I have a totally different opinion. Once you’re on it you barely notice notice you’re on an MTB. it handles great and is easy to whip about. It is the closest thing I’ve riding to a bmx, and I’ve tried 24” rigid bikes and different 26” variations.

It’s great for anyone that wants a fun bike to ride, and its perfect if you are an older or bigger bmxer who still wants the fun tech side fo the bmx but with more height, speed and room up front. It’s also perfect for the MTB rider who doesn’t want to commit to a bmx for the skatepark, and wants something they can blast around a park, whip through some dirt jumps and even have the option of blasting about the street. It would even handle some light singletrack stuff, just get used to the single speed first.

It’s in the development process with Nukeproof rider Jack Fogelquist who shreds the trails and slopestyle courses all over the US. the frame uses custom triple-butted steel tubing with a 44mm headtube, gold anodised alloy chain tension adjusters, an integrated gold alloy seat clamp and removable cable guides. It’s designed around a 100mm travel fork and uses geometry based on Jack’s personal setup. It will be distributed by Hotlines-UK and priced at around the £350 mark. But It’s not available to buy just yet, so keep your eyes peeled as they will be unveiling the full production model at this year’s Eurobike trade show in Germany.

CLICK THE IMAGE for more pics of the bike, plus a few of it in action at Bridges Skatepark.

For more info on the bike and the rest of the product nuke proof offer visit